Friday, July 30, 2010

I had to use the phrase sometime...might as well be now.

Location.  Location.  Location! 
Some properties are featured on this blog for their architectural or landscaping features.  This is not one of those properties.  Instead, I would like to present you with a cute, simple, move-in-ready house in one of the four areas around Austin I've put on my "would love to live here" list.  This quiet residential area is still in North Austin, but it's just inside the 183 loop.  Lots of old trees are in this neighborhood.  There is a bike lane on the main road that goes through.  It's convenient to the school, convenient to my work, I'd take it in a heartbeat!  And this elusive locale is: 404 West Odell Street. 
The other big plus about this home (blocks from the Airport Metro station) is that it's been recently remodeled.  Now, for me, this would be a slight negative.  I'd rather get the house for less and do the remodeling myself.  But for a lot of people, the idea of a cute move-in-ready place is absolutely irresistable.  Take, for instance, this lovely granite countertop, travertine backsplace and nice double sink.  That's right folks, the kitchen is all modern and clean and lovely.
Of course, the space has to have SOME character or I wouldn't even consider it for the blog.  Look at these lovely old hardwood floors - just look at them.  Don't they make you happy?  They make ME happy!
By now you may have realized that I'm a sucker for outdoor spaces.  This one is a beauty - nicely landscaped with old, old trees.  There's a lovely little patio to the right there - but I wanted to give ya'll the view with the path & the trees.  Why?  Because.  That's why.  Now eat your vegetables.

So, if you're looking for a lovely place at a lovely price ($169,000), take a tour of 404 West Odell Street and see what you think.  For me at least, the neighborhood is full of character and is being well taken care of.  It would be my guess that in just a few years, your $169k house would be worth a good deal more, I predict this neighborhood is up and coming!

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