Thursday, July 22, 2010

Style notes...

It's Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursday.  To me, Thursday is often one big long prep for Friday.  But, then, you still have to go through the DAY part of Friday, before you get to the WEEKEND part, which is what the prepping is all about, no?  So, anyways, to the purpose.  Prepping for Friday. 

At the risk of spoiling a surprise or two, I'm going to tell you a bit about my Friday plans.  This Friday has gained a couple of levels of awesome, as we are going clubbing at a Steampunk/Goth club that emerges out of another club like a lemur scenting lemons.*  So yesterday, I schlepped over to the Salvation Army** and bought myself some fun and awesome steampunk clothes.  Given the potential readership of this blog, you may or may not know what a good steampunk/goth costume worthy of clubbing might look like.  So I shall endeavor to give you some clues.

First, a little word about Goth.  Goth is no longer as simple as wearing black lipstick and black clothes and having odd piercings.  Here is a tip:

This girl may look creepy, but that's kinda the point of the Goth look.  She is also stylish.  Goth stylish.  My plan is to take this look, keep the black eyes, make the red shadow green, and the lips bright red.  It'll be a little less "Darkness abounds" and a little more "Poison Ivy."

Said persona is another step closer to what I'll be going for.  So, here's an image to get you thinking "Steampunk."  People embracing the Steampunk culture imagine what life might be like if we hadn't had the industiral revolution, if we flew around in airships instead of airplanes, if we merged the Victorian aesthetic with our current modern technologies.  This image is actually not terribly far off from the persona I'll be taking.  But, there's a final element. 

When Scott saw my outfit, he said "That's very Gypsy"  - and he's right.  So very, very right.
In the end, it'll be a rocking combination of all three:  Goth make-up, softened up a bit to go with a Victorian romantization of a Gypsy, black ruffly skirt and lots of different fabrics and lace, and a pair of goggles.  Oh most definitely a pair of goggles.*** 

There are, of course, no pictures yet.  But there will be.  I fully intend there to be lots and lots of pictures.  So, now you know, my late Friday/early Saturday plans are made.  Now all I need to do is go buy some earplugs.  I'm taking some good advice given to me that will hopefully make clubbing a much more enjoyable experience.   Cheers!

*Don't ask me why lemurs like lemons, I don't know.  But it's a scientific fact!^
^Not actual scientific fact.

**Did you know that Wednesdays are 1/2 price at the Salvation Army in Austin?  Well, now you know.^^
^^See!  I'm keeping to the theme of the blog!  You have learned a new and valuable Austin fact!
***In case I need to, you know, hijack an airship.  Hmmm...probably not the best idea to bring a 10 inch dagger to a club.  Alcohol + dagger = baaaaad plan


  1. So, there are pictures of this clubbing by now, yes? Can I see them? :)
    Sounds like a great costume, I'm thinking I should make one for myself - but I'd need the advice of my wonderful sister, oh master of all things costume-y! :D

  2. I'd also like to see some picutres. Over the years I've shifted from raver, to raver goth, to standard goth to victorian goth and right now I'm at the tail end of my gypsy-goth phase.
    Right now I'm in the midst of designing a new spring wardrobe. I'm planning on keeping things "goth", but I'm having a difficult time marrying the elements of (in order of importance) victorian/goth/anime(real-world and cosplay)/gypsy. I don't expect to have all elements in each article, but I want things to look somewhat cohesive when I wear them together.

    Sadly, inspiration is scarce.
    Your thoughts or pictures might help!
    I'll check back here a couple times a week, or you can email me at