Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Same cute little place - lower price

Doing a quick search on the properties I've featured so far, most have held their asking price, with two exceptions:

The property on 917 East 51st Street, listed at $188,000, has been withdrawn from the market.

The property on 307 West 45th Street, listed at $189,000, has had the price lowered to $165,000!

Looking back at my post, I realized that I failed to give this property's address (oops!) so, just for your memory's sake, here's a picture (worth a thousand words, right?).

I'll always try to keep you updated when things change on the listings I post.  My goal with this blog is to help you develop a broad picture of the Austin Real Estate market, educating you in the ways I wish I was educated prior to buying my first home.  As such,  I'll do my best to offer facts as facts and opinions as opinions.  Please feel free to let me know what information you're finding useful/interesting and I'll be sure to feature that type of info more often!

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