Thursday, July 22, 2010

The house looked at me with puppy-dog eyes

No, really, it did!  See!  This is one of the photos for a listing on 1701 West 34th Street.  And not only is it adorable (the labrador, alas, does not convey), it also shows what amazing architectural details can do!  So, please take note, that this quite tightly focused photo shows many interesting things about the house, besides that you should prbably pay close attention to any exposed wires that might attract a growing puppy's eyes.  The half-window door, solid molding and deep blinds are all details that a new homeowner might want to take a look at.
Continuing to look at details, here'a grand architectural feature that the Realtor has made sure to point out.  These french style doors open up to the patio, making the living/dining room into a wonderful indoor/outdoor space.  So much of Austin living is outdoor living, this feature is decidedly awesome.  I sure hope whoever ends up in this house appreciates it and hosts lots of barbeques.  They could invite me!
The final details can be seen in the walk up.  With driveway access in the back, we have a charming approach at the front.  Shutters make the "eye" of this house pop.  IMHO, additional shutters on the other window would be awesome, and I'd paint the front door to match the color scheme instead of adding another color.  However, the rocking chair-ready porch, white trim and long sidewalk with steps all call back to a very specific era.  I'd live here in a heartbeat!  And, for $359,000, this 1120 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bath house in a very desireable neighborhood, could be yours. 

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