Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If I had a million dollars...

I probably wouldn't buy this house.  But, if I had 4 or 5 million dollars just sitting around, languishing for a place to go, I'd buy this house and put the remainder into an "upkeep" savings account.  With that many windows, you've gotta hire a professional window washer and if you think I'm buying a million dollar home and then sweeping the million dollar floors myself, well you don't know me very well!  (Actually, if you think I'm buying a million dollar home, I'd love to hear your logic - maybe I COULD!)  All that to say, this a very specific kind of Texas Modern, and it's designed around the omnipresent feature of the Texas landscape which is, of course, LANDSCAPE.  Hence, as you shall see, the need for a professional window washer. 
Now, I'm not much of a fan of modern architecture...generally.  But this one caught my eye.  I love the care the architect took with not only the structure, but also the holes.  I especially love the way the light reflects softly on the concrete.  The whole thing looks like it's teetering on the verge of becoming a castle. 

So, of course, in the back it stops teetering and falls completely into the metaphor.  Narrow windows, a turret and a moat make the castle illusion complete. 
The master bedroom has the look of a great hall.  Modern furniture and pot lights cannot change the general theme of this room, which is "Lord of the Ranch."  The wide room and open spaces echo the long, open spaces of the Texas landscape that the many, many windows look out on.

BTW, for all you modern lords in search of a castle and vassals out there, this property is on 3684 Ranch Creek Drive and it's listed for just UNDER a million dollars - $993,000.  Let me know if you buy it - I'll come visit you and fill that lovely, lovely kitchen with tasty, tasty Italian food. 

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  1. WANT! So very very want. Honestly, I'd be okay with just KNOWING the person that lives here... Maybe we could gather together a whole bunch of people and split the price? :) I'm willing to compromise on this!