Friday, July 30, 2010

An Eventful Week means less blogging

It's true - when things happen in your life, especially those you can't plan for, you tend to put fun, interesting, creative things to the side.  This is just a note to say that one of those things has happened to me.  I hope to be up and blogging soon.  'Til then, here's a great place on Lancaster Drive:
2406 Lancaster is a charming home with a lot of South Austin features.  I've noticed that Austin can be divided in a lot of different ways.  You'll always have downtown, historic and modern - but there are neighborhoods that feel like you could be in any of a number of cities and there are neighborhoods that feel like you're somewhere unique.  This property is unique because it manages to be out in the 'burbs without feeling like a cookie cutter. 

Actually, it really feels like it belongs in one of the older, more historic* areas.  Built in 1975, this home typifies the best of the 1970s architecture.  This brick fireplace with built-in makes me feel like I'm at a friend's house, about to watch a movie in my jammies.

But something my friends houses didn't have, but this one does is an incredibly spacious sunroom.  This stretches all along the hosue and is absolutely beautiful.  A truly "Austin" feature - I'm sure there's a future homeowner out there who just can't wait to open a couple windows and let the breeze blow through.  Listed at $239,000, this 2,170 square foot home will easily house a family with a spacious master bedroom, two dining areas and two additional bedrooms.  Me?  I'd sleep on the porch!

*By "historic" I mean "built before the suburban expansion & housing bubble, with character" - there are houses built both earlier and later than this one which lack such a lovely historic feel - but this house was built in a nice traditional style, so when it shows its age, it does so gracefully, looking not old, not young, but timeless.  (Although I'd totally take the carpet off the stairs and have wooden risers.)

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