Thursday, July 15, 2010

Size matters not...

This cute little cottage was built in 1939. 
It's located in the cozy little neighborhood of Hyde Park, which is trendy and decidedly tending towards hipsters, college students and old houses with character.  This house caters to all of these people.

I am rather intrigued by the furniture choice the current occupants have made.  It definitely labels them as either hipsters or college students.  They have certain priorities. 

 ... like I said "priorities."

But what made me pick this house, which is listed for $189,900, is the features.  Scroll back up and look at that covered entryway.  Too cute!  Also, this bathroom:

Clawfoot tub? check!  Pedastal sink? check!  Patterened tile?  check! 

Yup, this property has it all, location, charm... well, all except space.  At 823 square feet, you'll be comfortably bumping around in 2 bedrooms and 1 very cute bathroom.

1 comment:

  1. $190K ?!!! - I'll take two. (I have to in order to have adequate room.)