Monday, July 19, 2010

Green on the scene

So, it's time to show some multi-family love.  Because so many Austin residents are transitional, there's less of a cachet about beinng one of the renting masses, and a lot more unique properties out there to rent!  This house shows off one of Austin's best features - the great outdoors.

Located at 607 East 49th Street, this little gem of a duplex shows what a homeowner/landlord can do when they take the time to make things green.  And, really, this is all about the trees and the grass.  There's not a lot of work that goes into making this yard lovely, but boy, oh, boy, is it ever.

Okay, so they had to create that pergola.  And put vines on it.  But I'm thinking all this is pretty low maintenance.  My only question is, does the rocking chair convey?

And because we can't get away with just showing the exterior of a house (that's almost cheating, really), here's a sunfilled living room to warm the cockles of your heart, or the fur of your cat...whatever.

I've gotta say, I love how that's the entry to the house.  There's no wasted space here.  And the saltillo tile really, really works with the wood paneling.  If I bought this place, I'd have a tough time renting it out, I'd want to live there!  It's listed for $349,000 and recently rented for $1,100 for the 2:1 and $775 for the 1:1.

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