Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where have all the DIY-ers gone?

Having just "reached a stopping point" (read: not finished, but done for the night and possibly longer, and the thing is usable) on a DIY project in our guest bathroom, I think I can easily say that my DIY cred is high. So, here is my question - where have all the DIY-ers gone?

I know, I know, Doing It Yourself is big. But the very fact that we have a NAME for not hiring a professional speaks volumes. These days, you're a DIY-er if you install a new ceiling fan or even a new plug. I don't QUITE think we're at the faceplate installation = DIY stage, but it's not far off.

But this is America! And if it's not America (for me, at least, for now, it is), then you have even LESS excuse. While we here in the US of A have the "pioneer spirit" and things like "gumption" - over in other countries (where buildings that are 100 years old are "young") ya'll have HISTORY. I mean, you could even have tools passed down from generation to generation to GENERATION TO GENERATION. That's a lot of history. (UK, I'm looking at YOU! Why? Why not France or Spain or some other old world country? Because. That's why.)

Anyways, why are we DIY-ers? Why aren't we "DUH, of course I'm doing this gutter installation myself. It's not like it takes special training to wield a power drill whilst standing on a ladder. I did this when I was 6, holding the screws for my grandpappy." (In other news, Grandpappy is an awesome grandpa name. Take note, o husband mine.)

So, in the spirit of Father's Day - I'm going to encourage fathers everywhere to pass something down to their children. Something practical they learned from their fathers. And dads, make them promise to tell their kids someday soon.


  1. Most of us are DIY-ers because we are too cheap to hire it done.

    On the other hand, there is the "If you want something done right, do it yourself" syndrome.

    The gripping hand is that there are very few real mysteries in life. You can figure it out. This was true even before the Internet.

  2. (You asked for this!)

    You can tell your kids I said the above.